We Do Things Differently

Topper’s Pizza is proud to offer the freshest, most authentic pizza ingredients possible. In fact, we insist upon the same quality and preparation methods in each Topper’s Pizza that we adhere to in our own kitchens.

Our century-old family recipe for Italian dough is made fresh—every single day, in every store—without exception. Our sauce is crafted from hand-picked, farm fresh tomatoes and infused with 100% virgin olive oil. The rich, flavourful mozzarella cheese comes from specially selected, local dairy farms. Each vegetable topping that we serve is of the highest quality and also grown on local farms in surrounding communities. And from the pepperoni to the Italian sausage, only the finest quality meats make the cut.

Check out our Pizza Tracer below and find out how our fresh pizza is tracked. Once a guest orders one of our Amazingly Delicious pizzas, we offer them the ability to track the pizza from creation through to when the order is received. It's another way to achieve our goal of “Providing the Best Tasting Pizza on Time - As Promised.”


  • 1. Order Received
    Confirms that order was received and thanks customer for their order.

  • 2. Being Prepared
    Lets customer know that their order is being made.

  • 4. On Delivery
    Tells customers that have placed a delivery order that their order has left the store and is on its way to them.

  • 3. Finish Baking
    Informs customers that are waiting to pick up their order, that the order is now ready and waiting for them.

The benefits system-wide? Improved customer experiences on every level, therefore reinforcing our goal to provide the “best pizza experience” with every customer, every pizza, every time!

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