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Hungry for an appetizing franchise opportunity? Topper’s Pizza is here for you with over 35 years of experience in Franchising and making amazingly delicious pizza. Topper’s is a true Northern Canadian pizza chain that has consistently won over our customers with our fresh Authentic ItalianBread Crust™ – made in pizzeria daily - that is based on a century-old Italian Bread dough recipe.  Founded in 1982 by Ron Toppazzini in Sudbury, Ontario, Topper’s Pizza is now owned by Keith and Kelly Toppazzini and has over 36 locations across Ontario. But we’re not stopping there! This could be your opportunity to own a business you're proud of. Topper’s Pizza has your recipe for success.

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Current Opportunities

Current Opportunities

Franchise opportunities for turn-key investment and new pizzeria developments, including multi-unit developments won’t last long. Take a step in the right direction and sink your teeth into a business you can be proud of!

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Hungry for an appetizing franchise opportunity? Topper's Pizza Franchises are available all over Ontario. Want to know more?

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